Willkommen bei to AES Auto Electric Service B.V.


AES liefert Anlasser, Lichtmaschinen, A/C compressors und Gleichstrommotoren fur European, Asian and American applications.


Folge von unser hoher Qualitätsanspruch sind wir ein zuverlässiger Partner und Lieferant für:

OE-Hersteller, Importeure, Händler und Electro-Fachmarkt.


AES is official importer / distributor of the following brands:




AES does its utmost to provide you with the best possible service to deliver you our products (in time).

Naturally, we have taken every possible precaution internally to protect our personnel, business partners and bystanders against the COVID-19 virus.

We look at the situation daily and will adjust the rules where necessary.


Due to the Covid-19 / Coronavirus it is currently not entirely clear when all different manufacturers start production and / or can deliver their goods.

If an article is not in stock, you can contact us by phone or email (+31356563444 / sales@aes.nl).

AES will help to help you find an alternative article in the short term.


Kind regards,

AES Sales Team